"Communication I used to say was our biggest problem and now I say it's our biggest asset."

"Phone calls have decreased and all staff that engage in Caremerge have noticed how much easier it is to share information without everything having to be a call or callback situation."

Dina Capek, Director of Health Services, Royal Oaks


Provide families the best service possible, dispel worries and share the joyful moments they won't know about.

"Families battle a lot of guilt. 'Did I do the right thing? Did I move mom into the right place?' We provide peace of mind with the Family App."

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"Simply telling families mom lives a full life isn't enough, sharing pictures and messages keeps them connected."

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"The greatest change and benefit of CCM is the increase in trust between the patient and the practice. Increased trust results in patients being more compliant and active in their care."

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