Meet Caremerger Joe Feusner, Director of Sales

Jan 27, 2017

Joe, you’re a few weeks into your time at Caremerge. Thanks for agreeing to be a part of this new series we're starting in 2017 to highlight the awesome Caremergers that make up our teams.

How did you find out about Caremerge?

I was recruited and liked what I heard about the company. Salespeople always get calls from recruiters but what made Caremerge different was that once I learned about it, I really liked it. Before I went forward with conversations, I wanted to make sure the company was on the right footing and was well funded.

Once I came to the office, I really loved the culture. Everyone is passionate and energetic, they believe in what they’re doing and they like disrupting the industry we’re in. The office is informal but people are intense, getting things done but still really enjoying the work they do. It’s definitely not a suit and tie type of environment but it is fast-paced and it seemed like an exciting group to work with.

Right on, I'm glad our informal office gear pulled you in...and that our intense personalities appeals to you. What else appealed to you about Caremerge?

I liked that it’s a start-up; Caremerge being a relatively young company meant I have a chance to make my mark and have a voice in the company.

I have to say, it’s exciting to be able to talk to the CEO of the company and get to know him and see how passionate he is and how energetic he is. In a lot of tech companies you don’t get a lot of exposure to the executive team and here it couldn’t be more different. I think everyone is very collaborative, it’s more of a family-type culture than anything else. Plus it’s fun. Everyone likes to have fun and laugh, even while they get stuff done. There is no corporate red tape situation ever.

Besides Asif, our CEO who is awesome - what did you think about the Sales & Marketing Team?

I like the team a lot, it’s an all hands on deck situation where everyone really works well together and seems to like one another. I liked Jeff [the VP of Sales & Marketing] a lot, he seemed very knowledgeable in how to grow and structure a sales team. I like the fact that he’s done it before but he’s still open to suggestions as well. I’ve worked in places before where leadership was very set in their way and it wasn’t very fun; you end up feeling as though your opinion doesn’t matter or that you’re not a valued part of the team. Jeff made it clear that wouldn’t be the case here and I appreciated it.

What’s your primary take on Caremerge a month in?

My favorite thing so far is the energy everyone brings to the table. Everyone seems to feel so strongly about bettering the care seniors receive - I like that piece. I’ve had grandparents in senior living so I understand what it was like and the changes Caremerge is trying to make. That’s what gets me excited right now.

Alright Joe, I have to ask what your favorite solution is out of the entire care coordination network.

I really like Family Engagement. #1 because I think I can sell it and #2 no one else is doing it as in depth as we are with such a focus on it. Other companies in the industry might touch on it but we are more well-rounded. Plus I think the tool is really important, families do want to know what is happening with their family member and whether they are enjoying the next stage of their life - especially if they don’t live nearby. I would have loved this when my grandma was in Assisted Living.

I don’t think too many companies in the healthcare space have ever concentrated on the family side. Families weren’t historically considered a key stakeholder and Caremerge realizes they play an important role, especially in senior care.

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Olga Jewusiak

Olga Jewusiak is the Marketing Manager at Caremerge and firmly believes that age is nothing but a number because Baddie Winkle exists.

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